Mar 05 2009

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Umbrella stands
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Looking for a new umbrella stand?

There are many kinds of umbrella stands ranging from stands for your traditional umbrellas to stands for your garden umbrellas and parasols. Umbrella stands come in all kinds of materials ceramic, iron,wood even plastic. No matter what the material choose a umbrella stand that is going to look right in your home.The problem is where to find the right stand. We at my umbrella stands have tried to find all kinds of different stands for you new and old. Simply choose from the catergories on the right to see our selection of different stands and holders.
NEW! We now have added many more types of not only umbrella stands but other stands e.g antique coat stands,hat stands ,golf bag stands. As our selection of umbrella stands and parasol stands change daily please bookmark our site and check before making your next stand purchase.

Stands for your garden umbrellas.

Are you looking for a new stand for your garden umbrella or parasol. Secure your garden umbrella from the lovely english weather with a new or used stand. Check out our Garden Umbrella stands section where we have a great selection of bases made in resin,wrought iron and plastic and at great prices. middlestands1

Traditional Umbrella Stands

Are you tired of wet umbrellas scattered around the house or hanging from door handles to dry? Why not treat yourself to a umbrella stand in which all your umbrellas can be kept when drying or not in use. We have a wide selection stands for you to choose from in all kinds of styles and materials old and modern. We even have a section for antique umbrella stands.

There is also a stand which combines as a holder for your umbrellas and a coat stand.
“Umbrellas protect you RAIN or SHINE”

Care for your umbrellas

Always check now and then for any stains or outdoor residue on any part of the umbrella.Try to wash it regular with warm water and soap. The hardest colors to maintain are the white, red and clear umbrella. UV rays can destroy the surface of the umbrella so try to place your or store your umbrella next to a window or in the back of your car. So think twice where you put your umbrella stand. A common problem is people placing there umbrella stand ( with there umbrellas in) next to a heater. Rapid drying of the umbrella will harm the material than drying it normally. The best way to dry is to place head down in a stand to dry naturally. This stops the material winkling. The stand will also stop people stepping on or tripping over and breaking your umbrella.

What is a Umbrella or Parasol?

Umbrellas are sometimes referred to as parasol,gamp,brolly or bumbershoot and is designed to protect you from either the sunlight or the rain. For protection against the sun the umbrellas are usually called parasols and the material they are made from are not usually waterproof. Parasols are usually seen in the garden, covering for example garden tables and chairs and are held in place with a base or stand. You can normally see your standard everyday umbrealla protects you from the rain and keeps you dry and are normally hand held. Umbrellas are also bought as a fashion statement. They are bought by women and men as an accessory to finish of ther outfit. We have stands for all types of umbrellas so why not browse our listings now. The latin word for umbrella is umbra which in its self comes from the ancient greece word ombros and means shade. A slang word fro umbrella is brolly which is often used around britain.